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With less than 3 weeks to go until Huck-Off (TM) at WUGC 2012, it must be time to start talking about the chances Team Canada(s) have at this event. And can I also say that "Has it really been 4 years since WUGC 08 in Vancouver?" Time flies.

Open - Team "Furious George and Friends" - Lost to Team USA at Flowerbowl, but don't we own America in Open at this tournament? Is a Three-Peat coming. 2004, 2008, 2012?

Women - Team "Not From Vancouver". The Easterners get a shot at Worlds. After taking over the top spot in Canadian Womens Ultimate for the past 2-3 or more years, the Eastern Girls (with some cross country additions), who missed their chance to represent 4 years back get to show the World a team not mainly from the West Coast. This is what they worked for, can they improve on the Bronze we got in 2008?

Mixed - Team Don't Practice has been sighted practicing! Not sure if that will mess with their mojo as the most dominating Mixed Squad at World Events ever (who have not qualified for USA Ultimate Finals). Still, you can't argue with their past dominating performances at WUGC & WUCC events. Best Mixed Team Ever??? I guess we will see...again.

Masters - Team "Old Guys who were just going to Vacation in Japan" have been spotted practicing and playing Furious George very close all Spring. Anyone who saw them at FB has to be impressed with the amount of "Furious" talent and "Nomad" attitude. Best Canadian Masters Team ever?? Well, obviously. Best at WUGC 2012? Maybe...

Womens Masters - Team "Not Quite in their Prime", but still bringing it when younger people have hung it up. The field for Womens Masters probably won't be quite as deep as other divisions, but after 4-5 practice games the final vs USA will be fun as always.

So what are the bets for medals everyone?


Wow, what to say.

Open - Furious pulls it out when it counts (whether in private or not)... but this year the Gold/Silver game will include Revolver. ... who have what... lost 2 games total in the past 3 years (including this year)? I can't say we won't get the Gold, but I also can't say we will.

Women - Again, Gold/Silver will be Capitals vs Fury ... again, considering the record of our opponents, I'm not sure who'll get the gold and who the silver.

Mixed - Yes, they do consistently seem to pull it out when it counts... and will make the Gold/Silver game - either against USA or Japan. This year, it'll be against USA and it'll be a close one. Wow, again, can't call it.

Masters - Canada Gold - 17-14 vs USA

Master Women - Canada Gold - 17-13 vs USA

In order of the finals:

Womens Masters - US and Canada will dominate the round robin and the semi's to play in the gold medal game. This is going to be close, but Canada will be a bit deeper and thus a bit fresher (using more of their roster), and they win a very close, maybe universal point close, game. Bronze is a pickem, but if you are one of those people who just has to bet - UK

Masters - This is the LOCK of the week for Canada. They should dominate the field, surprise the US and play Australia in the Finals, winning by a touchdown or so. US after losing to AUS in the Semi's gets bronze.

Womens - US and Japan are too good and too deep to let Canada into the final in this division. Playing on their home turf I will say that Japan manages to keep their focus in this final, play their 50 passes to gain 10 yard game and manages to take Gold. Canada loses Bronze medal game to Australia.

Mixed - US and Canada are still way out in front in this division and with TFP meeting at least once a week to practice their throws they will be looking strong to defend their (4? 6?) time world/world club title. However, I think this is the end of the line for TFP. John Stroppa will need to be happy with naming the Silver medal team in 2012. Japan get Bronze.

Open - Revolver vs Furious +. This will be a good game to be sure. There is no reason that Team Canada can't win, but it will come down to 1 or 2 late turns on throws into the end zone, and I have not seen the killer monkey edge from the local boys. US take it by 3. Going to throw UK a bone here and say they get into the bronze game, but lose to Japan.


ha ha, Lock of the Week, you have to pull out a giant lock and set it on the desk as you say that...

Well, Canada is 2-0 after day 1 (open & mixed), both against Finland.

Schedule: http://wugc2012.org/english/index.php/competition/schedule
Results: http://wugc2012.org/english/index.php/competition/results

Game results include time of possession, and whether points were scored when starting on defense or offense.

Live video is through NGN, although they're having some problems to start:
- http://www.ngnultimate.com/schedule
- https://www.facebook.com/ngnultimate

From Japan.

First, the buses and games are running on time, of course. Grass fields are quite simply the
best fields I have ever seen, bar none. Like playing on a putting green. Only flatter.

Also, the quality of design for ulti uniforms is getting out of this world. I know you care.


On to the games.

Canada is rolling in all divisions, masters just took out New Z, mixed now 2-0 giving up 5
points total, women destroyed Mexico. Ho hum. Big test tonight with USA vs Can in women's

Surprises? The Netherlands are coming back with a strong Open and mixed team. Colombia
women look good, even with some of their best at the USA Open. Singapore is solid. New Z
women took the UK to universal only to be dashed. Also have a strong open team.

And Russia Mixed went 8-9 wih Japan I the first half, but fell apart and lost 16-12. Look good.

Mexico isn't great, and Sweden only sent an Open team, what happened to them?


Has luongo been traded yet?

They have this laser guided machine that paints the straitest lines you will ever see! I want

Most of the day was games going to seed, until 2 big upsets late.

The game of the day was Aus Masters beating the USA. As the Aussies are packed with
passive aggressive slightly Afro xopen players and the US team is Surly, this game was a bit
testy. Fun to watch. As predicted the division is a 3 way race between these 2 and CAN. Big
advantage to finish 1st and avoid a much harder semi. USA is in a hole now in that respect.


are you observing as well or just a pseudo-sideline reporter?

what's the weather like? -windy, humid - is it a factor at all?

got a nomads jersey in your bag just in case? (or are you "mike grant"?)

Cdn women pull off a HUGE win today against USA. Down 4-1 to start, pull back to be down 9-8 at half, and then go 8-3 in second half to win 16-12. Includes 4 second-half goals by co-captain Kate Werry -- that's leadership.

I didn't realize how stacked Cdn Masters was. I knew they had some Furious vets, but didn't realized so many came out to play. Can't wait to see how they do against the US next Wed.

The server crapped out before I could post about the USA CAN women game. Great boost for
Canada. I might actually start to respect Easter Women's UltimAte! Traffic who?

Still a long way to go, and the next US game in Semis or Finals will have much more pressure,
with expectations to win. I will say that Canada rode the top of their bench in this game. Not a
problem on Sun, but 5 days later? Don't know if the US was rolling everyone or not.

Weather is good. 30 degrees, not too humid and a steady wind that makes things interesting
but doesn't cause 90% downwind points and boring zone ulti.


WFDF does not believe in Observers, but I always bring my Shirt just to piss off the

Warmed toilet seats are nice, but really warm ones are a problem! I nearly fell asleep!


No letdown for the ladies, beat Finland with ease. Next up a clash with the 4th ranked Aus

Master , Open and Mixed all I play starting in 15 min.

Heard that the Worlds Site was down for a bit, maybe I'm the only news coming out.


And because I know you care...

After day 1:

Can 8-0
JPN 6-0
UK 5-0
AUS 5-1
USA 4-2


any idea why Mike Grant has zero assists or goals in the first two games for the masters?

are they/he resting him for the semis and finals?

is he actually there?

"Heard that the Worlds Site was down for a bit, maybe I'm the only news coming out."

Thank god not. ;)

Plus https://twitter.com/search/wugc

A few ppl are posting on Youtube, too:
- http://www.youtube.com/user/skydmagazine - US team perspective
- http://www.youtube.com/user/Chapologie - Someone from Onyx appears to be following the Canadian Master Women.

Can roles in 3 divisions to keep the country record perfect.

Game of the day of the hour. Japan Masters beat USA Masters to give the Americans an 0-2
record to start the tournament. Is Japan better than expected? Yes, but the USA has looked a
bit old so far. They won't miss the playoffs, but ending 4th is possible.

With more and more Open players playing Masters (anyone remember Sat?) the US has a
Grand Masters team at Worlds. Problem. Problem for Canada if they cant manage their
injuries. BTW, Mike Grant showed up today, and might even play tomorrow.

Next game of the day, Can vs Aus Women. Just started.


You cant trust the local press, only m2c has the down low.

I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dos Equis. I'm the most Interesting Division
at Worlds, my name is Masters!

After the massive upset of the US by Aus, and another loss to Japan, the UK almost pulls their
own stunners by leading AUS most of the way, only to let it slip away. Still, the UK USA game
will be huge.

Ho hum, Can continues to role. The wind picked up this afternoon which hurt the Aussie
women, they were a no show vs Canada. Another win.

Open, Mixed and Masters keep going, still no losses for Can, but with AUS and Japan for the
Nomads tomorrow and the power pool setup for Open things are going to get good.


Mike Grant update, he looked solid on the physio table, some strong focus. Might even try to
do the warm up tomorrow. We will see.

Weather is hot, but might get some rain. Wind is up, Sun is down, but I'm told it will be back

Everything is a little smaller here. Vehicles, pillows, door frames. Is that racist of me to point it


Day 2

CAN 15-0
JPN 14-0
AUS 11-2
USA 11-3
GB 8-4

Got more questions? Ask m2c. I'm going to sleep now, but will answer in the morning while
you sleep. Why are things so confusing?



Thanks for the updates. Keep em coming please! Thoughts on the Japanese
women too if you have a chance to watch them play.

Ultimate Canada has consolidated updates and media about Team Canada at their Facebook event page.

Speaking of Japan women (see, UC Facebook isn't this responsive) they just had the game of
the day of the hour with USA, winning 16-14. This game had some runs by both squads,
neither giving up when down by 2 or 3. The JAP team is what you expect. Run fast, short
throws and patience. Very chilly. They do have a long game that telus on lots of short work to
get a wide open look, then throw to space and chase is down.

Japan vs Can on Thur looking like the game to not play the US in the Semi.

Also atanarjuat, watch the palsy on that enter key, one post will do.


In the still interesting Masters division, US dealt GB a big blow by downing them. Looks like
the Americans are righting the ship.

Team Canada woke up early against Aus and pounded them. Coming out of half up 9-3 they
scored on consecutive lay out D blocks (one by Al "Methuselah" Bob sparking memories of
1998 Worlds when he was only 50 years old) that casued an Aussie timeout where To
"Gak" Rogacki did a great Andrew Lugsin impression yelling at the whole teAm in nothing but
explatives. Worked for 1 point. Could be a rematch in the Semi. Props for Duncan shutting
down Gak for most of the game.


Lastly for now, in mixed Colombia dealt Germany a big blow with a 14-13 win. WUGC is used
to qualify teams for Worlds Games 2013. Qualification is based on results of Open, Mixed and
Women. 6 spots available. Colombia (host) gets 1. Can, USA, Japan and Aus will lock down 4
more. Germany and UK are fighting for the 6th spot. Every game counts, and that loss by the
mixed team today might put the Germans out of the Quarters.

Stay tuned on that.


Round 2 over and nothing to report except Open has completed.

Pool E
CAN 2-0
JPN 2-0
GB 1-1
FIN 1-1
COL 0-2
NZE 0-2

Pool F
USA 2-0
AUS 2-0
SWE 1-1
GER 1-1
ITA 0-2
FRA 0-2

Records indicate games carried over from first pool.

As expected the big 4 are a step ahead and likely will be the Semi finalists. Biggest game IMO
will be Japan vs Canada in a battle to avoid USA in the Semis.

Germany and UK will be fighting for that 6th World games spot. Might be a good 5/6 game
down the road.


And things get interesting again in Masters.

Aus loses to Japan, 0-2 for the day.

Canada has a struggle with GB, but news there is all about the injuries. Roberts out of game
with ankle, Enns is hurt, MG showed up and played 1/2 point vs GB and came out. But the
worst news is late in the GB game Shank went down with an apparent Achilles tendon tear, off
to the Hospital to check out the Japan healthcare and Canadian Insurance.

Tomorrow is Japan and USA, and I can't think they can win both (either). It's about the
playoffs now. Time will tell.


GB open give Can a run in the first power pool game, but a strong second half put that game
away. Canada Mixed just keeps rolling, beating the other undefeated In their pool, AUS, with
ease. They have not been challenged in the least.

Masters Women started and the top 3 have beat the bottom 3 in the first 6 games. Side note,
Anja took a cleat to the hand on a foot block and is now at the hospital with Shank getting her
hand X-rayed. Likely broken. SuX.


Jon By Jon

Canada women's masters over USA 17-8.

Rounds 1&2 done today. Plot thickens.

Open: Canada were pulled into a bar fight vs Japan and couldn't right the ship, lost on
universal 14-13 after what had to be one of the nastiest games I have ever seen. Bad calls,
tackles, yelling, etc. I counted maybe 10 TMFs, and maybe a few PMFs. Epic point of the
tournament at 8-8 with 3 time outs, 10 turn overs and a 15 argument over a foul. And while
that was happening AUS had the disc in their hands to win vs US but failed to close the deal.
So the top 4 teams are separated by 2 points. Canada is looking at the US in the Semi, which
might be good for them. The Aussie vs Japan game could also be epic.


Women and Mixed keep rolling along.

Masters finally ran out of bodies and lost 14-12 to Japan (Japan is our Waterloo). Shank
update, he is heAding home with a torn Achilles. Hard to think they can beat the US in the
afternoon, but the Americans are a bit Old and Slow as well so maybe. Mike Grant played a
few points, and is now saving himself for "the right moment", possibly at the party.


Damn, I though old Shank was hurt as after being involved in every
3rd score he just disappeared. Big Blow for the team... but I see
Mauro picked up some of the slack.

Ok boys time to dig deep and pull this one out.

It bound to be a humm-dinger of a party if MG has a moment.

I have a bad feeling that all the semi's are going to be Canada - US
not sure I like that. My prediction is that all the metals will be Japan
US and Canada hopefully not in this order.


Re: Masters: "...finally ran out of bodies..."
- didn't they start with 27 or so?

- Any finger waggles? (If so: wiper or queen's wave?)

- any traction within WFDF for the "mandatory reenactments" suggestion I made a while back. I'm convinced it would help keep the crown engaged while also allowing a much wider range of fantasy options. Let me know how that's shaping up.

The Aussies will medal somewhere, maybe in Masters. They beat the US and Canada may not
be a match anymore. Nomads vs USA now, will be telling.

Japan Mixed beat USA to keep Japan undefeated for the event. So far.

I think the Japan Aussie Open Semi might be scary for Japan.

Women keep rolling. Masters Women keep rolling. Open team going to beat the crap out of
New Zealand to work out their frustrations from the Japan game.


Is Canada Masters just throwing the game against the US? Better be
careful as a 3 way tie for 2nd they may come out 4th and have to play
Japan again. But maybe that is a good thing.

Ok I think I got it. US vs Canada open masters ... they are just having
multiple boat races with Guinness right? Guinness because 1) it has less
carbs than most other beers... not kidding :) and you can shot gun the
cans without carbonation.

Canada Masters took a maintenance game vs US, will play them again in the Semis.

Open took New Zealand after leading only 9-8 at half.

Open Quarters:

Japan v Germany
Australia v UK

Canada v Sweden
USA v Finland

Mixed Quarters

Canada v France

Australia v Philippines
Germany v Japan

In that battle for the last World Games spot, Germany and UK are both in the Quarters in both
Open and Mixed. They will likely also both be in the 5-8 bracket for Women. So that will be
some key results.


Update on open Quarters

Japan v Sweden

Canada v Germany
USA v Finland


Thanks for the updates. What is Mike Grant's injury?

m. By m.

Still a long ways to go, but Swedes up 8-6 on the host country!

Shocker in the morning. The wind is way up and that spells trouble.

Sweden is using a huck and zone plan and is up 2 breaks (one up wind) 9-6.

UK is also up one up wind break vs AUS.

Could be a big shake up, but a long way to go.


His left arm is good, everything else is broken.

m. By m.

Not surprised GB is up. Watched them play on NGN yesterday vs. Fins. Aussies may not be youthful enough. GB is solid.

wow - sweden vs gb in the semis

Crazy games this morning! Sweden huck and zone works, Daring Japan to work it downwind,
which they did! Made a few mistakes and couldn't work it up wind against the Zone. Sweden
actually caught more than 1/2 of their down wind hucks for points.

GB got the first up wind vs Aus, but then lost half 9-8, then came out of half with 3 strait (2
up wind) points and rode that to the Semis vs Sweden. European team in the open final,
maybe first GB team in a final and one of Japan or AUS will end up 7th at best.

The WorldGames contest of GB vs Germany is now AUS vs Germany.


Today was Curry day, I like that.

Canada and USA are matched up for the Semis.

Women's Masters grabbed 1st due to a point diff win over Japan and USA. Big deal as that
means a likely walkover in the Semis.

USA and Aussies are winning in Mixed quarters over GB and Philippines. The AUS PHI game is
closer but the Wombats are moving the disc better.

Note that the Canada USA Semi in Open will be the second game tomorrow.


Canada mixed roles along, 9-1 at half with France.

However, Germany Mixed was up 4-1 over Japan. With GB out of Mixed, if Germany can win
the 5th and 6th slot at World Games is up for grabs between Germany, GB and now Japan!
That is unthinkable.


tough viewing schedule for a canada fan at worlds M2C

3 canada vs usa semis all at the same time at 3 different fields!?!?!

seems like the nomads...I mean Furious circa 2001...I mean team canada masters employed a resting/tanking strategy very reminiscent of 2005 grind in winnipeg - I wonder how that happened?

did they bring in a secret weapon? a certain intrepid sidline reporter? hmmm?

5pm (TODAY!!) WM CAN vs AUS (semis)
7pm (TODAY!!) O CAN vs USA (semis)
7pm (TODAY!!) W CAN vs USA (semis)
7pm (TODAY!!) M CAN vs USA (semis)
3am (TOMORROW) OM CAN vs AUS (final!)

(please correct me if I'm wrong)