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I believe those times are correct.

The Open semi and all finals will also be streamed on NGN, and available for view afterwards, too. Apparently in HD with pretty good commentary.


Good commentary on an ultimate game? Say it ain't so!

Predictions anyone for all of Canada's games??? Will Canada beat USA in the Open division semi?? We all assumed this would be the final.

"We all assumed this would be the final." Not all of us. I gave Japan an equal chance of being in the final. And they likely woulda been, if the wind hadn't blown like crazy yesterday.

- O semi - toss up. depends on injuries.
- W semi - CAN
- M semi - CAN fairly easily
- WM semi - CAN very easily
- OM final - CAN, and it could be messy

is anyone following the SOTG for the Open team?

UK took the game (up8-5) lost the game (down 10-9) the took it back (disc in hand up 14-13)
lost it again and won on Universal.

Can open got 2 early breaks from a hand block and a "throw right dump went left" miss.
Looking strong.

Canada masters rested most player for Japan and rr UsA game, came out refreshed to beat
USA. Final tonight will be a call fest!

M women in final against US team they beat easily, but will be harder today.

Wind is down now. Good conditions.


Down 14-16 game to 17 Canada open scores 2 breaks to tie but can't get the disc back in
their hands to win.

Mixed DOMINATE USA. No answer for Leduc, they can't stop him deep and when the back him
20 yards easy mid throw and he hucks for points. Money. Last point sideline was yelling for
the US D to give him more buffer, they didn't and guess who salts it away.

Japan loses Mixd Semi to Aus. Japan goes from looking for the sweep of Golds Thursday
morning to 1 team in a final Friday afternoon. Rough 30 hours.


World Games 2013 will be Canada, USA, Japan, Aus, GB and Colombia. Good luck to all

World Overall ranking (won in 2008 by USA and in 2004 by CAnada) is still up for grabs.


Well done, Canada!

We were the only country to medal in all 5 divisions: 2 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze. Japan collected 4 medals, USA 3, Australia 2, and Great Britain 1.

Open - USA, Great Britain, Canada
Women - Japan, USA, Canada
Mixed - Canada, Australia, Japan
Open Masters - Canada, Australia, Japan
Women Masters - USA, Canada, Japan

Mixed (TFP) was absolutely dominant, never giving up more than 9 points in ANY game. They may not 'practice' on the same schedule as other Vancouver teams, but they obviously trained well. That's 3 world titles now: Clubs in 2006, and Championships in 2008 and 2012. Marc Leduc led the way with 31 points (5 throws and 26 catches) in 9 games.

Open Masters (Nomads) was almost not a 'lock' with some key injuries, but their bench was deep enough, winning the semi 17-12 and the final 17-13. Over their 9 games, Shank led for the first half of the tourney until his injury (22 points), and Mauro quarterbacked the rest of the way (31 pts), supported by Enns and Roberts (22 pts each).

The Open boys (Furious) came oh-so-close, losing the semi on universal point, 17-16. Beau Kittredge led the way for the US in that game: he threw or caught 10 of their 17 points. Menzies and Hassel led the way overall for Canada with 30 points each over 10 games.

The Women (Capitals) beat the US in round-robin, but couldn't get past them in the semis. Anne Mercier (38 pts) and Malissa Lundgren (33 pts) were tops for points over 12 games.

The Masters Women suffered a couple of painful injuries, with Anja (broken hand) and Jaimie (broken wrist) both out. Down 9-3 at half in the final, they almost came back, closing to 14-13, but lost 15-13 in the end. They do win the award for 'Most Tweets' from a Canadian team, though. :)

Congratulations to all Canadian teams on a job well done!


After winning the overall title in 2004 and losing it to the USA in 2008, Canada has once again
won the overall World title with 54 points. USA has 52. Japan is #3.

Other thoughts:

Ok, I will never question TFP again, the dominated the field. The US semi was a clear
indication of just how good they were. It was no contest, and the real Shoe In of the week.

Nomads/Furious just as dominating. After resting the squad for 2 games, they were clearly the
best team in the division. Note to Nomads and Surly however, Masters teams more than any
other can benifit from cross country pickups.

Masters Women win that game 9 times out of 10, but can't get it done in the wind and rain.

In 4 or 8 years there will be some very serious contenders from an Asian Invasion. Philippines,
Singapour, Hong Kong and even Mainland China are coming for us all!

Colombia is on the cusp of the top tier, we will see just how good they are next year at the
World Games. I predict 4th place, but close for 3rd.

2 ply...look into it Japan!

If Carmack wasn't arrested on the final day I will be shocked. He was spotted in downtown
Osaka at 10am drinking and high fiveing Police officers. That can't have ended well.


thanks M2C - always enjoyable predications (Sabotage didn't finish last in 2008, but most other predictions are pretty damn close) and recaps

I hope you and Chris enjoyed partying together and celebrating with the local law enforcement!

thanks for the reports, Dudes...!!!

What do those overall points mean? Is that how bids for Club Worlds are

Also, any word on where club worlds will be?

Aside from pride, the aggregate point scores determine which countries qualify for the 2012 World Games (there are only 5 bids up for qualification).

It has no effect on WUCCs (2013).

Fast runner is a year behind... World Games is 2013, and the next World Clubs (WUCC) is 2014.

I'm aware of two bids for WUCC: Seattle and a city in Italy (not sure which one). Winner will be announced within the next few months, I think.