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Yesterday I wanted to go to the pub night at my school (SFU for those who don't know) but the line up was so incredibly long, and after waiting for what felt like an eternity a small group of my friends and i headed down to the local pub called the foggy dew (by Lougheed MAll) Well we danced the night away, and was having one of those fun "this night will live on forever in my memory" nights, when I find the horrible truth that my wallet had been stolen!!

NOt only that, but my make-up bag was confiscated, and for one bizarre reason or another so was a half a sub sandwich i bought earlier. I had to cancel my visa, my debit card, and i'll need to replace my U-Pass, student card and a ton of other things, never mind the cost, and all for what? ACtually the sad part is, for them not me, is that there was nothing but an 18 dollar pink, dirty wallet that they got out of it. I had no cash in teh wallet, i cancelled any cards that they could have possibly used, and if they get caught using my bus pass, it will get confiscated because my picture is on it. OH yah, and my drivers licence? i had to get that replaced anyways cos i changed addresses, and i never got to the driving office to change it yet.

Now you may be wondering why this isnt in lost and found section of the board, well i'm not asking anyone to keep their eyes peeled, I"m just saying, don't steel. The short term benefits for you are not worth the longterm short falls for me. I"m a reasonable person, I'm fairly compassionate, and I trusted that my stuff would'nt get taken, but I guess I learned my lesson to be a little more wary than i was before. Besides, you too might find yourself in a situation where you have someone's used makeup and absolutely no other useful cards, other than an optimum card, a safeway and a save-on-more points card. And even then I still get the credit for it :P

So there's my bittersweet night, i guess all in all i'm not too heartbroken, i had to get the new stuff anyways, but at the same time it's gonna be a pain in my ass and make a dent in my savings to replace all that stufF!

Actually, when you change addresses on your DL, you just go int o a DMV or Autoplan Insurance place, fill out a form, and they mail you a sticky piece of paper that you affix to the back of your card. For free.

Whereas a replacement DL card costs what... 70 bucks or something? Ok this probably didn't help. But now you can be REALLY pissed.


Turns out they only charged me 17 bucks for my new drivers licence...I guess they just did it like a change of address? I don't know..but it was awesome. I mean freaking hell my student card at SFU cost me 16.50! waht the hell? it's not even considered a valid piece of id at most places.

I am sorry your wallet was stolen. I feel nothing but contempt for thieves, and I will be looking out for a pink wallet duing my lunch hours.

However I must say that I am equally alarmed by your quote, " 'this night will live on forever in my memory' ". I have had nights at that particular Foggy Dew and I'm hard-pressed to think of even a pleasant moment had at that establishment. The clientele is a mix of bellini-guzzling secretaries, slovenly dressed university goers, cowboys inexplicably living in Burquitlam, mustachioed camaro drivers, and other undesirables. Add to them a rash of television screens, cheap wood finish, overpriced food, and unrelentingly poor music (I would rather listen to Starship than the crap they play), and you have a venue that is only memorable if one has a fondness for shittiness

Anyhow, good luck with your wallet.



As a mustachioed Camaro-driving cowboy, I take offense. This day will likely live forever in my memory, but I'm going out to sit in my car now and play Starship as loud as it will go in the hopes that it will dull the pain of your hurtful, hurtful comments.

maz By maz

Damn, Cap'n O! You're a funny dude. :D You just made me laugh out loud!

Let me just say it's a good thing that 8-tracks didn't get brought up, or I'd have to get a bit medieval. Of course, Starship wasn't ever available on 8-tracks, which was my initial reason for updating to the futuristic cassette tapes, but Airplane was.