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Not really "politics" per se, although the Vancouver government did issue the attached press release.

For those of you contractors, sitting at home and checking the forum, don't drink the water please.


Although if you do drink it, I suppose on the plus-side you'll be able to save money on colonics and enemas... I'd expect you'll be sufficiently cleaned out.

Well, I'm glad I checked the Politics forum. I usually steer clear of here (beer deer sneer).

Bah, this advisory is just propaganda from the Protectorate.

Grock and his cronies are just trying to keep all the water for themselves.

I'm getting my hockey gear and roller-skates out of storage and rebelling, who's with me?

Free the water!

Bah? Bah?....if you're gonna start a post with Bah....it's gotta be followed by 'in my day' like

Turbidity? Bah, in my day we drank water straight out of beaver dams dagnabbit only half of us lost any limbs, AAAANDD we liked it.

mO By mO


The water ban has been lifted for Richmond, White Rock, Langley, outter places.

Water ban is still in place in Vancouver, Burnaby and Coquitlam.

This is from what I last heard at 6pm on Nov.17.

water bans are for pansies!

Nya. Real men get gastrointestinal infections. And like it!

"Bah? Bah?....if you're gonna start a post with Bah...."

You missed the reference. Although you're probably too young to appreciate classic cinema


Bah, in my day we gave the fever to the beavers!

Or Bah, in my day we appreciated classic theatre, not that new fangled cinema stuff!

But really, I wanted to say that Coquitlam isn't under a boiling advisory, as per link below. (Friday 6pm) I'm watching this to figure out when I can drink h2o again... until then, nothing but beer!


A) you can drink all you want! its an advisory

B) they havent found anything in the water anyways