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Would anyone know of a great webhosting site. I prefer having a site builder included with a package. just need something basic, reliable, user friendly nothing fancy smancy. budgeting for 10 dollars monthly...thinking of using lunarpages.com...would appreciate feedback...thanks!

emd By emd

I use Dreamhost (warning promo link included below) for my hosting and it really can't be beat for cheap, semi-reliable hosting. It can be as low as $8 USD/month if you sign up for a year or two. If you want to reduce your hosting costs by $25, you can use my promo code, "EMDPROMO".

If you prefer not to use my referral (either through the promo code or the link below), then just go to http://www.dreamhost.com and take a look.

If you have any questions about DH, please let me know. You do get many, many features with even the cheapest plan so it is worth exploring.

Check out HostMonster : http://www.hostmonster.com.

Great deals, and good reliability.

I use them for UltiTalk (http://www.ultitalk.com) and have had great service through and through.

- Seppo