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Got a great idea? Does it have anything to do with developing the sport of ultimate in Vancouver?

Well, let us know, because we'd like to give away some money!

The Vancouver Ultimate League is giving away FOUR (Yes, 4!) grants of up to $500 for great volunteer-driven ideas based in the Vancouver ultimate community.

Deadline for applying this THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 5!

The application form is only 14 pages, and offers a combination of multiple choice and essay questions.

JUST KIDDING! Five super-easy questions, an email to board@vul.bc.ca, and you'll be considered for a grant at our next Board meeting. If the money isn't all given away this spring, we'll be running another application period in late August.

Follow the www link for the application form.

You can email me if you have questions.

Carolyn Lefebvre

VP on your Board

Isn't 5 days WAY to short a timeframe?

I've heard lots of suggestions on these forums (mens' league, weekend summer league, dog

sitters on the sidelines, etc), that could use a small grant to get the ball rolling, but I don't know

if that's enough time for somebody to step up and get their lazy act together to send an email...

The Grants form was posted on the home page for almost two weeks now. This is a reminder that the deadline is approaching.

I also posted a note on the general forum (albeit, in response to something else) just before it was posted.

Having said all that, I'm open to extending the deadline (by a limited amount of time...some people have gotten applications in on time already, and need a pretty quick answer) if someone a lot more convincing than you were to sway me ;)


Wednesday June 8th.

Yeah, what s/he said.