Who can call a foul?

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Yes, I am too lazy to look this up...

Player A is on offence, being checked by Player B who has a height advantage. A slightly swilly throw arrives. As Player B reaches up to catch it, Player A (flagrantly) pulls his arm down, and reaches up with other hand and catches the disc. Player B stands there looking stunned, but does not make a call. Team A cheers their hero, then scores, while Team B (wrongly) waits for the call. BUT. A player on Team B sees this and immediately calls foul, but is ignored. Can any player (on the field) call the foul, or only the fouled...

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Only the person fouled.

Yes, the rule says that only the fouled player can call the foul. But I completely agree with the other player that called the foul... that player did the right thing. Doesn't that contradict what I said in the first sentence though? Sure... but it's still the right thing to do.

So what if Team A wants to call a violation because the wrong person has called the foul. Fine, but a foul has still been called and that means it either stands, or we discuss and/or contest... and ultimately it'll be back to thrower. The more people end up arguing... er, I mean discussing the situation, the more reason there is to send it back to the thrower because of this confusion over how the call should be resolved (also required by the rules).

And while play is stopped, we definitely SHOULD be explaining to the fouled player B that he needs to call those fouls (because no-one else is supposed to, and it sure seems that this is a new player who doesn't understand all the rules), and explaining to player A that he/she shouldn't be doing sh|+ like that (again likely a new player... or that opens up a whole new can of worms). That stoppage and explanation to people who clearly don't understand the rules is also strongly suggested by the rules.

And please tell me that player A's captain had the goal called back because of this obvious/flagrant foul... or if not, that player B's captain had a chat with the player A captain on this topic.

Well everyone on my team has a ton of experience, the fouler was either ex[erienced or has an amazing talent level. The foulee has a ton of experience... I think he was so shocked he was speechless. (The stunned look on his face was priceless... Nothing got called back, nobody argued. We all understand that in the absence of a call it is like it never happened. I had a quick word with their sideline and asked if they realised that it was a massive foul and the player involved acknowledged it in a friendly and apologetic manner.

I just wanted to clarify that fouls are different from violations which can be called by anyone on the field. (And I think it is a funny story)

Oh, and it may have not been as flagrant to the other team as it was to us on the sideline, the bodies may have been in the way for them.

Well, then, I guess that's that can of worms that I was talking about. But if you guys are all as experienced as you suggest, you certainly don't need me explaining to you how I think it "should' have been done differently. You're probably intelligent enough to figure that out for yourself. If I'm wrong in that assumption (I've been wrong at least once before in my life, so that's a fairly real possibility), c'mon back and we'll help you.