Why the fLIck is a team still being scheduled....

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My question goes out to the league coordinators:

Why the fLIck is a team still being scheduled after numerous defaults during the regular season? Tonight, of all nights - playoffs they cancel last minute because they cannot field a team. It is an amazing night to play ultimate and we get a no show!!!

This isn't the first time and nothing has been done to this team. Fine them and if they don't pay the fine, then don't schedule them for the next term. Teams are turned away during just to get into this league. Obviously it is too late now, but don't give teams that have no respect for the league entry.

It is fLIcking frustrating to coordinate my time for ultimate and then find out the team couldn't show up(last minute!), and they are repeat offenders. I guess said team was busy watching the new smurf movie tonight - fitting of their team name.

We were victims of the "drive out to this field during rush hour only to find that your opposition didn't show up and bother to contact anyone on your team to let you know they were defaulting" on Tuesday night as well. Hooray for sportsmanship!

"and nothing has been done to this team"

... are you sure about this?

No team has defaulted more than twice this summer. And last night was the *first* reported default for your opponent, Swigger.

We can only work with the info that captains provide....