Winona Park: sweep the fields (or else!)

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Fair warning boys & girls:

Sweep the fields before you play at Winona. Played there this week and had to pick up four - count 'em four - steaming piles from other people's dogs. That was just our field - couldn't tell you how many they found on the other field...

I found #3 by laying out - don't let it happen to you!

Don't these people get that kids play here? What part of 'clean up after your dog' do they fail to understand? You need a license to drive a car but any @#$%#$ can let a dog run loose.

technically no dogs are allowed off leash in public parts, 2, there are some ignorant dog owners who just don't pick up after their dog and 3, dogs are to be licensed in the city they live in. Myself. If I notice someone not p/u after their dog, I call them on it. Being a dog owner myself, I always have extra bags on me for those idiot dog owners who don't carry bags.