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I'm looking to get into the wireless world. Anyone have any suggestions on which router to get? I've heard that the Netgear Rangemax 240 is a good option, but I've also been hearing good things about Belkin.

There's so much info available online, I figured I'd ask real people for their advice.


That rangemax looks really cool. It appears to use their own technology to get speeds of

802.11b/g much higher than normal. It's still using b/g technology so will be susceptible to

interference. From a glance at their technology, you'll only get the much faster speeds with

very little interference. Still the price is pretty good and if you try it out in your environment

you could be very happy with it.

You may also want to look into a draft-N wireless router. 802.11n is the newfangled protocol

which offers signals faster, further, and with less interference. They're more expensive, and

you only get the benefits if you have an 802.11n card in your machine, but it is the way of

the future. They of course are completely backwards compatible, and provide excellent b/g

coverage. You just don't get the whiz-bang new abilities until you get a new n card.

Apple makes two really nice wireless routers that work perfectly well with Windows/Mac/you

name it:

The first is a Draft-N router, the Airport Extreme it's pretty expensive at around $180, but

you get all the benefits of draft-n (if you have the card). If you don't (yet) have a 802.11n

card, you still can make use of its best feature: You can hook up multiple USB printers and

hard drives to the router itself and these will be accessible for every machine on your

network. With the USB hard drives, you can set all the permissions and security you want, but

essentially you have a shared drive that mounts and unmounts on your computer, every time

you log in or out of your network. It's very handy if you've got a laptop or two that have

small hard drives, as USB drives are pretty economical.

The second, and probably my favourite is the Airport Express.. It's a b/g mini-router. It's a

little bigger than a deck of cards and actually plugs directly into the wall/power strip. It's got

1 con, and two big pros. The con is that because of its size and that its usually located low to

the ground, the range is not terrific. I've got a concrete apartment and I always get full

strength everywhere I can go. The pros are 1) you can hook up a USB printer to it (no Hard

drive) and 2) a thing called AirTunes. It allows your iTunes to play over your home speakers

(2 Airport Express' and you can play over 2 sets of speakers). The first time I hooked it up, I

was surprised at just how good the sound quality was. You may or may not have a desire for

these features, but I'll tell you it's wonderfull being able to play music over my stereo system

controlled by iTunes. Of note: you can add the Airport Express to any wireless network and


the benefits it provides.

Anyway, try to figure out what features you're looking for, but the best advice I can give is to

just pick one up at Costco/Best Buy/Future Shop, and make use of their return policy. Try it

out, and if you're not in love with it, bring it back and try another one.

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Linksys makes good ones, though their latest ones are much less hackable than their previous ones.