Women (and men) Needed in Penticton!

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A Canada-loving group of US-ies are looking to pack out their roster for Puff Bluff this weekend. We have combined with some Kamloops folks, but still need a few more women (and some men would be nice, too). Please shoot me an e-mail at rjmabbott (at) gmail (dot) com if you're interested, or pass along the info to ones who might be. Thanks!

how many people do u need? cuz i might be able to get a friend or two out...but the problem is we are juniors and have no way of transportation up to penticton. when you guys drive thru vancouver on ur way is it possible for us to get a pick up on the way there?

What are the genders/skill levels? Vancouver isn't technically on our route, but not too far off course. Please e-mail me!

We could potentially use some players, mostly men, but possibly a female, and could arrange rides. Let me know. ccedarr at htmail

do you still need a girl. i am from the US but LIVE in canada! HA! i would love to kick it ol'skool with my homies! :0 )