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Were creating a team and looking for skilled players preferabbly under 21. A few of the players have went to Nationals for juniors and looking to continue play so if your intersted drop a name and experience playing.

are you talking like a fall vul team? or liek a team that tours and goes to tournaments? and practices x times a week? im fairly interested if its a fall vul team, considering if they play on mainly a cutter and im goin on my 4th year playing ultimate. 16 and 6' tall

It is for the fall, playing saturday. Did you play for highschool or VUL.


I have just registered for individual Fall ultimate but if there is anyway for me to join your team with other young people that would be great. I am a 6 foot, 15 year old guy from the northshore. I have played ultimate, usually in the handling position, for the past four years.


KK what skill level do you think your at, because we will probably be playing div 2 for now


I am not sure what level I am at. I think I am probably a level 4. I would like to play on a team that would like to push my skills a bit. I also expect to play on the team at West Van High with previous team members.


Eh Dave, if your really interested thats great but you sound pretty good. You might be above our level of playing but message me back if your down.



Okay well if you were to come out maybe to our first game and you can decide whether or not you want to play for the team. Ill give you the details and well go from there.


awww ive already started a young team for tier 2 saturday afternoons...if one of ur teammates cud drive me to my saturday pm games im interested to play in the morning too....if its saturday pm, i hope to meet ur young team with my killarney team across the field =P

i am soo still down...of course if your willing to let me play. Plus i havnt played since end of summer vul. let me know. it would be good to play with a young team which i havnt done in a while either.

ok have you signed the waiver

Yes i have


Can you either post what your teem name is, or when your first game is in order for me to come and see if I am wanting to play on your team.


Matt Helm

kk ill put you on then

team name is whipper - snappers

bring your cleats and shorts too if you want to play

Sounds awesome.

Let me know what day and what div you guys are playing and I'll make sure I'm not playing there.

Prime Time - Aging like fine wine (or cheese?).



I can't find you on the scedual. When and where are you playing on sat?

im not sure yet? i dont know y were not on the schedule were on the the final team list

we are on it now, Sat PM I

boo, u guys are same day same tier as my team =( so i cant play for you guys...but i will get to face you guys with an even younger team =D from the picture on ur team, arent most of u guys from rockridge or something like that....i dont remember the blue team's name at sr provincials....


My other team also has the same game time. I have been told that I have to choose my team before the season starts. Seeing as my current team is full of newbies I would like to get and ok to join your team. Again I have played for 4 years already. This consisted of two practices and about four days of turnies per year. I can huck amoung other things, but other then a little work with zone and cup I am oldschool with things like stacks.



I was just reading your team description, and you said that you are not a force to be reckoned with. If that is true, that would mean you are not a good team. Basically you are saying that you suck. You should probably change that to "They are a force to be reckoned with."

Chumming the waters I suppose, and no, you are not the youngest team. Playing in div 1 fall isnt saying much. But I'd start winning games before any boasting occurs. Lots of players go to nationals, that doesnt mean that they are better than everyone else who hasnt, or hasnt had the oppurtuniy.

hahaha sorry i didnt put in that comment but i am deffinetly embarrassed for whoever did but i think it makes sense, because its saying you dont want to mess with us or somethin lamo like that

ya x-factor, also didnt write we were youngest team and not trying to boast because i dont think we are anywhere close the best team in div 1 because I know there are some good teams just trying to get some players soo ya,

LOL, I know I was just messing with yah. Im 18, probably close to your age. It just sounded like your team was getting all this hype from what you said, or didnt say. I understand what your doing, and that braud_01 guys team beat my team in cities for the championships, I think you should cut him! He'll bring you nothing but victories, youth is meant for doing dumb things and.....stuff.......and......among other.........things......not winning games...

lmfao....yea...good times in cities

lol fair enough im just looking to have some fun with a team that is capable of competing, and yo braud i need ur last name



Seeing as games are tomorrow I need to know if i can join the Wipper - Snappers.

Thanks, Matt

yo how come my name isnt on the roster? and what colour jerseys should we bring? lights and darks?

cause i didn't know your full name so i couldn't get the captain to add u

k cool....colours?

david braunstein

just bring black and white i guess

Hey, are you guys still looking for players? I've been playing for 7 years, at nationals for three years, won 2 years, i'm 18, i play cutter mostly, but i can play handler as well.


i'll ask the team if we can fit one more guy in, can i email you?

- brian

No problem, do you need my email, or can you get it from the site?

ya i'll need ur email

So, will i be able to play with you guys, or should i start looking for another team?

Hey there Travis,

Brent here, one of the captains of the Whipper Snappers, we'd like to have you come out to our next game and play for us and we'll go from there, unfortunately, the next game isn't untill after the Thanksgiving break, but for sure, sign a waiver and we'll meet you on the field.