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I've noticed quite a few teams adding players to their roster for playoffs.  Wasn't there a rule about players having to play 5 games before being allowed to play for the playoffs?  And how can anyone check that...   I just hope these teams try to remain spirited and not ruin the competition by playing these players every point.

Thoughts on how to regulate this?

I can't find any mention of said rule.

dc By dc

Captain's email:

No Ringers! Only players on the roster and who have played at least 5 games over the summer can play for you in the playoffs. If you are totally stuck, you can use a sub but they should not be more skilled than the player they are replacing. You also have to ask the other captain if that player can sub and it is not unspirited for that captain to say "nope."

It's good to see the tradition of adding illegal subs who are of a much higher skill level than your team is alive and well. It just wouldn't be the VUL playoffs without it.

Team we played last week had managed to upset a team that has consistently been better throughout the summer. When we started up it become immediately clear why. Not one, not two, but three new highly skilled players! And they played them almost every point. Ended up losing a close game.
But now that I know it's a VUL tradition, I don't feel so bad. The system's broken, so what else would you expect to happen.

I've been playing in the league since 2001, and (I'm 99% sure) every single year we've faced a team that has brought in ringers for the playoffs. Even before a keg was given as a prize, teams were doing this. It's infuriating because, whether people will admit it or not, winning is an important part of the game. It's not the only part, but it can bring a team together and the feeling of winning is a nice reward for a summer of hard work and teamwork. We faced a team last week that brough SIX players to the game that weren't on their roster. Welcome to the VUL.

If you knew the other ream added 3 or 6 new players to their team, why wouldn't you discuss it with their captain?

I don't think it needs regulation, just talk to the other captain. My teammates noticed people on the other team shaking hands and making introductions during a playoff game. I talked to the captain to remind him off the 5 games rule and he said that they had just been on vacation. So, no problem.

If I hadn't talked to the other captain, I might have assumed the worst and would be posting about how teams are always bringing in ringers! But, there was a reasonable explanation...

Anyway, I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but its more likely that the whole team comes out for the most important game, including the people that you haven't seen very often.