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Here's the situation: our team turned over the disc in our end zone. The player I was checking picked up the disc, carried it to the goal line, established pivot, and threw the disc. I called violation because it wasn't tapped into play. My opponent and someone else on their team disagreed, and said it was convention to tap the disc in, but not a rule. So I looked it up:

II R 2. A disc is live when players are allowed to move and the disc is subject to a turnover, but the thrower cannot make a legal pass (e.g., walking the disc to the spot where it is to be put into play). For a live disc to be put into play, the thrower must establish a pivot at the appropriate spot on the field, touch the disc to the ground, and put it into play.

What am I missing???? Or was I correct?

You are correct. Whenever you are required to move the disc to a new position before making a throw, a ground tap is required by USAU rules. Note that the disc is still live during this time, so a 'check' is NOT required. 

Ground taps are required under USAU rules, which is what we use in VUL and most North American Ultimate. WFDF does NOT require ground taps. This may be the cause of the confusion in some cases. Players that have recently been playing in or usually play WFDF officiated Ultimate might lose the habit of ground tapping. 

Clarification: If a check is required, such as after a stoppage of play, this takes the place of a ground tap. So only the opposition needs to check the disc in if they are close enough to do so. If an opponent is not close enough, the disc can be checked in by the thrower by announcing "3-2-1 disc in" and a ground tap.