any number divided by 0 equals 0!!!

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The link below will show you a division chart for grade K to 4 which introduces division by 0!

If you care for the next generation or your kids.

Please email edupress AT highsmith DOT com to complain and request that they recall the chart. Imagine raising a generation of children who believe any number divided by 0 equals 0!!!

... but it's a Flash color-coding system! There's no way *that* could be wrong.

Heh, reminds me of a piece of software we once sold at my first job for an office/computer

chain store during high-school.

It was a math tutoring app, and the box was emblazoned randomly with common formulae

(area/circumfrence of a circle, etc), but none was as prominently featured as the following:

a^2 + b^2 = c

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Sure the formula isn't necessarily incorrect, but nobody

bought that title on my watch.