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Has the league considered publishing the average spirit score given by a team?  My suggestion would be to publish it in the same way spirit scores are received.  It just would not be used for rankings.  This increased transparency would help.



No, we have not considered that, Nick. 

As a captain, what would you do with that information?  

It helps by keeping people honest about the spirit scores they give to other teams.  Which would add more credibility to the spirit scores in general, which means team would have more of an incentive to be spirited.

I believe in being transparent and open about data while at the same time not showing sensitive private data.  Publishing the average spirit score given would keep with that belief.

Do you think that it would bias your opinion of a team going into game though before you knew anything about them?

1)If a team was significantly above or below the league average then yes it might mean that a spirit score from that team would be thought of in light of that teams average spirit score given.

2)Publishing the average spirit score given should how ever encourage more teams to appropriately award spirits scores so the most teams would be closer to league average then before they were published.  This would mean that a score received from someone, would have more meaning and thus give more of an incentive to be spirited.  It would mean that I would be less dismissive of another teams opinion of my team's spirit.

I don't know if they should be published, but such a stat could be used by the VUL to identify teams that don't take spirit scores seriously, and give 10s as a matter of course, either out of laziness or ignorance.  Those captains could then be, erm, "re-educated" as to how the system ought to work.  (I can't imagine there are teams that give low scores as a matter of course, but you'd be able to look into that too.)

On a similar topic, I hope the league can do something about the many teams that don't submit/verify games and spirit scores, which obviously messes up divisions and playoff schedules...