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In the decision as to who should move fields for the second game
of a double header, babies should trump everything. Teams with
babies and little kids and equipment on the sideline should not
have to pick up and move for a team that just has to pick up their
backpacks and bikes - regardless of who set up the field or
who won the carbon flip!

You will all be there some day young ones! And hopefully those
who have already been there still remember and give way. Continuing
to play Ultimate after kids is important for our Ultimate community;
anything we can do to help people stay in the game, we should do.

It's one of those small acts of kindness that goes a long way.



Yes, it would be a nice thing to do, but I need to disagree with you for two reasons.

The first being that if it's an act of kindness, it shouldn't be expected protocol. It's akin to saying someone has bad spirit because they play by the rules and don't let the newbie keep the disc after they D the pull. The reason it's an act of kindness is because they're doing something, of their own accord, that puts someone else's convenience above their own. You can't expect them to do that and then call them out when they don't.

Second, maybe there's a reason that team set up the field where they did. Maybe the field they chose is better situated for sun. Maybe it has less ankle-breaking potholes. Maybe the whole team took a trip to Arby's right before the game and that field is closer to the bathroom. Whatever that may be, they were there early enough to set up and claim that field. Nobody likes switching fields, and while I agree it's more difficult with babies/kids/BBQs, they were there first and rightfully claimed that field.

All that said, I agree, it's a nice thing to do to switch fields if you don't have a whole bunch of kids/gear in tow. And if the VUL were to make it a rule, such as most number of kids under 5 (rather than fewest number of cars) wins the flip, it would probably be accepted. But as it is, I don't think it's fair to expect someone else to do you a favour. We similarly aren't obligated to allow a team to play 5/2 if that team is missing a bunch of ladies that day just because the captain asks nicely.

m2c By m2c

Solution - Play Single Header Division - Problem Solved!



i have to say, I take exception to this.  Especially when my team has set the field, having a disability trumps everything in my mind.  I bet it doesn't take your kids or you 25 minutes to get to the other field.  No, I don't have children and that's my choice.  If you don't want to worry about moving fields, don't bring your kids to the field!


Really Injured Ninja?

Does your team wear orange shorts?


Kerry, no I do not wear orange shorts, but that is irrelevant to this conversation. Is there something specifically you take issue with?

Rob By Rob

Whoa whoa whoa... why are we dragging orange shorts into this? Orange shorts never made a baby change fields.


Now blue shorts... don't get me started...

No, no.  It goes like this: Baby > Rock > Scissors > Baby.

Baby eats rock?

And of course, baby always beats paper.

I agree with Carla.  I'm not sure what "expected protocol" means. But, generally speaking, kids should trump everything.

Anti-breeder jokes should commence now.

Rob By Rob

Ok, but what if I bring a lot of rocks to the field? Or, like, fifty reams of paper... Who's going to make me move fifty reams of paper?