Buckets or tubs for leg ice bath

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Hi gang,

Former (and perhaps future) ultimate player asking a question about leg injury rehab.

I have an achilles injury. My physio suggests I alternate soaking my leg in cold and hot water. Ideally I should immerse almost up to my knee.

Where heck can I find a bucket or tub that's deep and wide enough to fit my foot and lower leg?!

I'm ~6' tall and wear a size 12 shoe. To flat foot I'd need something at least 12" long, and 22" tall.

When I think buckets I look to Canadian Tire and Home Depot. They don't seem to have anything that's my size :)


You may have to get something that you can sit in. If you have 2 bath tubs, perfect. If not, what about a blow up kiddie pool or something like that?

Solution found! A rectangular waste bin, 26.6L, big enough that I can flat-foot with wiggle room and deep enough to almost reach my knee.

$5.49 at Home Depot, Cambie and W8th.