Can offence request that defense hold the line?

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So this came up in a game I was coaching recently.   We were preparing to pull on defense and the receiving team asked us to 'hold the line'.  I am used to that call being made by a defense when the O keeps moving around on the line, but hadn't encountered it the other way around before.  Is D obliged to follow their request?


"Hold the line" carries as much significance as "Check Feet".

The offence has 70 seconds to signal ready, during which time they can move about freely. Once they signal ready, all must have at least one foot on the end zone line and they can not change positions relative to one another (in essence holding the line).

The pulling team can move about at their free will as long as they are behind the end zone line. The pull must be made within 90 seconds, or 20 seconds after the offence signals ready -whichever comes later.

In the VUL, the above procedure pretty much never happens and the convention of yelling "Hold the line" just tells the receiving team to quit dicking around while letting them know you are coming down in man defence.

So to answer your question, if the receiving team yells "Hold the line" it can most definitely be ignored

Thanks!  That's what I figured, just wanted to make sure.  It didn't make much sense at the time!

Just for the sake of completeness, here is the rule verbatim:

"VIII.B.4.b. After signaling readiness, players on the receiving team must be in contact with the goal line that they are defending without changing location relative to one another."

"Hold the line" is an oft-used code word for "please follow VIII.B.4.b, which does not have an easily yelled violation call of its own!"

Not only does this rule not apply to the defense, I just can't imagine why the receiving team would ever care what the defense was doing on the line.  Maybe somebody got confused and thought it was a warning to not be offside?  Peculiar.