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As the team captain, do I have access to the other team captain's phone numbers if we need to contact them on the day of game or can we only email them? Like on days that are pouring or if the other team didn't show up after 20mins... who would I contact? 


If you're logged in and access another team's page, you can see the captains' phone numbers, as well as a link to send them an e-mail through the website.

Sorry when I click into another team's page I see the headings "Standings", "Next games", " Captains", and "Full roster". And beside "captains" there's the "email captain" option but I don't see phone numbers. 


Thanks again! 

You need to be a captain of a team in the same league to see phone numbers. If that's the case for you, email for assistance.

I am a little confused now since I was told by another team captain as well that I could access other team captain's phone number on the VUL website but I couldn't find it. So I emailed the webmaster and he said "Unless I am mistaken, there isn't any phone numbers displayed at this time." Are the captain's phone numbers used to available but not anymore? If so, for future reference, on days that are pouring or if the other team didn't show up after 20mins... who would I contact to confirm that games are cancelled? 


Thanks again! 

Grace, sorry for the confusion. Captains phone numbers are displayed to captains of other teams in the same league. I've updated the webmaster about that.

You'll need to tell him your team name so he can report the problem to the web developers. There are two "captain" settings in the database, and it's possible that one of them is not set correctly for you.

Also, note that if another team just doesn't show up at all, that's a default, and please report the game as such. Captains need to let you know at least 24 hours in advance if they cannot field a team for a game. We play rain or shine (unless the field is unplayable).