Competitive Mixed Ultimate Team (Mixed and Masters) - Tryouts!!

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Fable is a brand new mixed ultimate team based in Vancouver, BC.!
>>Mastadon is a mixed masters team based in Vancouver and ready to take the world by storm.!

Come to the open tryouts for Vancouver's newest competitive mixed teams!

Sat, April 1: 10 am - 2 pm @ Andy Livingstone
Sun, April 2: 10 am - 2 pm @ Jericho

Attendees MUST fill out the SURVEY FORM about your interests for the season. Everyone is welcome to attend the event to get some high level ultimate in their weekend, even if you're not trying out for the team... but you still need to fill out the survey.

Tryout fee will be $10 to offset field costs.

Can't make April1-2? Please set your response to "interested" and let us know in the survey form. We will follow up with you about next steps.

:: OUR GOAL ::
We are introducing a Vancouver Mixed Club that offers annual tryouts, focused practices, and multiple teams to choose from (mixed and mixed masters have shown interest to date).

A steering committee has volunteered to guide the starting of the team through tryouts. The steering committee is guaranteed a spot through the first round of tryouts, but is not guaranteed a spot on the team. Once the team is selected, the team will vote on captains. The captains do not have to have been a part of the steering committee. The steering committee will dissolve once the team has formed and will ensure a peaceful transition.

Join the Facebook group to keep up with announcements:
Mastadon Masters Ultimate:
Fable Ultimate:

I don't usually hang out on the forums, just found this post now. Is it too late to get involved for 2017? (Am I too old? Just how "master" are we talking here? ;-)

Hi Yggy,

It's not too late to get involved with Mastadon - we plan to continue having regular open practices throughout the Summer. Send an email if you're interested in coming out (our practice nights are Thursdays).