defensive player play on the disc out of bounds

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I think we sorted it out last night, but just looking for clarification:

O player throws disc up sideline out of bounds. Disc doesn't come back in bounds. O receiver awkwardly attempts greatest, jumping from out of bounds and throws disc up in air. Defensive player catches disc while out of bounds.

Disc played from place where it crossed sideline (and didn't get back in) or from where D played it before touching ground?


Once the now-OB offensive player touched the disc, the disc became OB as well. Events occurring after the disc becomes OB do not affect where it gets put into play, so it would be where the disc initially crossed the line.

Rob By Rob

Was it an actual greatest attempt, or was the O receive out of bounds to start with as you state?

If they jumped from in bounds that would change things, no?


It would certainly change things if the O player had jumped from in bounds, but the OP stated that the O player jumped from OB.

Rob By Rob

Yeah, it was the mention that it was a "greatest" attempt that made me curious...