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When guarding a non throwing player who is near the player with the disc, is there a minimum distance allowed between you and the player you are covering before it becomes a double team.
For instance; offensive non throwing player is 15 yards behind thrower. How close do I have to be to that player or how far away from the thrower must I be before it is called double team

in order for more than 1 defensive player to be closer than 3 meters to the thrower the other defensive players have to be within 3 meters of another offensive player and responding/reacting actively to that player...not the thrower. you can have as many defensive players as you want within 3 meters of someone who does not have the disc.

The rules cover this question pretty explicitly:

Double-team: If a defensive player other than the marker is within three meters of any pivot of the thrower without also being within three meters of and guarding (II.G) another offensive player, it is a double team. However, merely running* across this area is not a double team

*"Merely running" means running for the exclusive purpose of reaching the other side. Running with an ulterior motive of interfering with the thrower in any way is not "merely running" and is a double team."