Elimination 8s 2015!!!!! Register by June 16th.

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E8s is just around the corner! If you're unfamiliar with the tournament, it's every Ultimate player's favourite way to spend Canada Day: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/

In brief, it's a one day Ulti tournament with slightly modified rules. Each game, both teams start with eight players on the field, and every time your team scores a point, you lose a player. The first team to score with two players, wins! The tournament allows for teams from a wide range of skill levels to participate - so come on out!

E8s only costs $240 per team, and all the money goes to charity. We've had to turn teams away in each of the last three years, so if you're interested, register soon on our website: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/p/register.html

We hope to see you out there on the 1st!


Rob and Marta

E8s TDs

Rob By Rob

Update: 10 days in and we're already 50% full. Register quick!




Rob By Rob

6 spots left... Get yo team together before it's too late!!!!!!!!!


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Rob By Rob

E8s deadline has been extended until the end of this week (June 19th).


We still have two spots left for teams, and very well might fill one of those spots with individuals, so even if you don't have a team, sign up on our registration page's "sub list" and hopefully we'll be able to cobble a team together!