Elimination 8s on July 1st - Register by June 17th

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Rob By Rob

E8s is just around the corner! If you're unfamiliar with the tournament, it's every Ultimate player's favourite way to spend Canada Day: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/

In brief, it's a one day Ulti tournament with slightly modified rules. Each game, both teams start with eight players on the field, and every time your team scores a point, you lose a player. The first team to score with two players, wins!

E8s only costs $240 per team, and all the money goes to charity. We are almost full for teams, and the reg deadline is June 17th, so if you're interested, register soon on our website: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/

We hope to see you out there on the 1st!


Rob and Kat

E8s TDs