Elimination 8s - July 1st - Registration is Open!

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Registration is now open for Elimination 8s! http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/p/register.html

The tournament will happen at Winona on Canada Day, as always. Tournament fees are $280 for your team (4-6 games, lunch, snacks and more!). A, B and C divisions, so teams of all skill levels can have competitive games.

The deadline for registration is June 17th.

If you aren't familiar with the tournament, in an E8s game teams start with eight players, and every time a team scores a point, they lose a player. The first team to score with only two players on the field wins! You can learn more about the tournament, and see photos from past years, at this link: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/p/about-e8s.html

We fill up every year and have to turn teams away, so register early and often: http://elimination8s.blogspot.ca/p/register.html

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Your E8s TDs

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10 days left to register, and 5 spots remaining. Register! Register!

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6 days left, and 2 spots remaining. OMG you should probably register now...

Rob By Rob

1 spot. 5 days.

Run, don't walk.