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Had a situation last night where a team turned over the disc in their endzone (team A). Player from team B picks up disc and walks to outside of endzone, taps the disc in on the ground and begins play, throwing disc for point. Team B players foot was planted/pivoting and did not move during play. Team A player calls travel because Team B player's foot is not on the goal line, but rather approx 1 foot back from. Is this the right call? Does the offensive players foot need to be on the goal line to start the play?

Jaret, By my reading of the rules, this was correctly called a travel.

XVI(J) sets out what constitutes traveling: 

Traveling: The thrower must establish a pivot at the appropriate spot on the field and keep all or part of the pivot in contact with that spot until the throw is released. Failure to do so is a travel and results in a stoppage of play and a check.

Section X(b) sets out the requirements if a team gains possession in the end zone they are attacking other than by scoring, stating: 

If a team gains or retains possession in the end zone that they are attacking other than by scoring a goal in accordance with rule XI, the player in possession must carry the disc directly to, and put it into play at, the spot on the goal line closest to where possession was gained.

Since the disc has to be put in play at the goal line and the rules provide that a pivot must be established on the appropriate spot I believe that a pivot must be established on goal-line in these circumstances. 

Section II(r) regarding the "state of the disc" confirms that the pivot foot is the appropriate point of contact with what ever the appropriate spot on the field is. 

Hope this helps. The rules can definitely be a pain to interpret. 

In brief, yes, that is the correct call. The player putting the disc into play must set a pivot at the correct place and failure to do so constitutes a travel.

In this case, the correct pivot point would have been the place on the playing field proper nearest to the turnover; that would fall somewhere on the goal line.