Ethos Tournament, 5 on 5 Hat, May 13,14th in Vancouver

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The Ethos Tournament will be a fun, affordable tournament that fosters an ongoing conversation about Spirit of the Game.  Unlike other spirit tournaments we are asking players to play their “A” game, and compete to win, but also be willing to explore Spirit of the Game while playing.  Our desire that every player be part an amazing team experience and leave with new insights into Spirit.

  • Logistics:
    • Saturday May 13:  8:30 am – 2:30 pm at Vancouver Technical School Turf Field.  
    • Sunday May 14:    10 am-4 pm at Memorial South West Turf Field.
  • Format: 5 on 5 BULA rules adapted for field play.
  • Costs: $20 Single, $36 for Two, $48 for Three.

For more information, go to: