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Here is a scenario that happened several times in a game this week. After catching a disc the catching player instantly and automatically puts a huge sweeping fake on. Is this good play on their part, to force the defender to keep their distance as they as attempt to set up the force? Or is it abusing the rules. There is clearly no intent to actually throw the disc, merely to clear space.

This is a troll, right? If not, how do you think this could possibly be abusing the rules? Would you consider this any different from stretching right and faking the forehand to draw the marker right to give more space to shift left and throw a backhand? ... or faking and juking while running trying to get free from your defender?

Yes I consider this different. In the cases you suggested, the offensive player is trying to fool the defender with cuts and jukes in order to get open or with fakes to move the defender in order to get a throw away. In my scenario, the thrower is merely sweeping their arm across the defenders path to stop them from moving in to set up a force. This "fake" (for want of a better term) is done entirely to keep the defender away. I realize that either player has the right to space on a first come basis. I just feel that this particular play, while maybe legal is unspirited.

Just to clarify....the move in question was clearly NOT being used as a fake...in other words...it wasn't faking out anybody. It appeared that the sole purpose of the move was to keep the defender as far away as possible. This became an issue because of the danger of the O player hitting the D player. Trust me...it would have been a hard hit.

Oh, I think I was mistakenly picturing the person faking the big huck, which I've often seen and half the time the throw goes off... when I read "huge sweeping fake", that's what I saw.

Are they just flailing their arms so that any person that comes within the "radius of destruction" is immediately and completely broken down into a shredded, bloody pile at the feet of the receiver-become-thrower/windmill-of-death?

I'm having a hard time picturing what you mean... please help :)

I know someone who does exactly what you're

describing every time she catches the disc. It

looks a little fishy because I have never seen her

actually throw it but I would interpret that simply

as being a bad fake.

Since it's impossible to interpret her

intentions we have to rely on the rulebook. I

imagine that if you have established defensive

position and she swings into your body (not your

outstretched arms) it's an offensive foul. If you

haven't established position, and she's winding up

for a big one, start your count, let her swing,

then close up on her.

I hate to say it but she'll keep doing it until

someone consistently steps in and get hit!

That sound like a reasonable way to play to me.

And of course, if somebody's doing it in such a way that it's dangerous, call it.

If the thrower's making the huge fake in such a way that someone is likely to get harmed, that's dangerous. Now, the fact that somebody could get harmed, doesn't necessarily mean that somebody is likely to get harmed.

Use your judgement, and if the thrower is making a huge fake close to your important parts, don't be afraid to talk to them. Jokingly saying something like "Woah! Easy, you tring to give me a face lift?" can get your point across without making a fuss.

Dangerous play supersedes all other rules in the book. A foul in ulti is generally called upon the player who initiates contact. As a defender you have the right to be within one disc space of the thrower or farther away. The thrower swinging around in this zone with the only intent to keep you at arms length away is playing in a dangerous manner, akin to taking blind swings. So you can call him on a dangerous play foul, or just warn him that he doesn't need to swing the thing around like an ape flinging a tire. But I'd say give the dude his space, you're generally a bit more effective marking a little ways back anyways (or so I've found) or just move in closer after the blind swing, (he's obviously uncofortable having you close so mark closer than you ordinarilly would). My two cents

Faking throws/hucks/cutting are an integral part of trying to be competetive!

This reminds me of a recent converstion with a long-time vul player...He sz there needs to be a new league formed, to seperate the recreational players from the competitive ones...I mean, what's next? Fouls for throwing the disc too hard?

I believe in the spirit factor, and playing within the rules, of course...But there are clearly 2 types of player in the VUL, and this issue stems from those differences. It's gotten to a point where calling legitimate fouls is looked upon as un-spirited! C'mon...


If you read the entire thread, you'll see that a clarification was made to the original post. It was not a fake to get the approaching mark to overcommit, which is a valid and valuable move. Rather, it is someone basically lashing out with the disc to make defenders afraid to approach for fear of getting hit.. There is a difference here, but it's got nothing to do with competitive vs. recreational.

I'm seeing this as being a bit shoddy, and would probably have a word with the player and his/her Captain. IMO it is contrary to use a threat of potential injury to "clear space"