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#1, and the email just sent out, proudly announce monthly "family pickup" starting this Sunday.  Could we please have some explanation about what that means.  Can kids play?  If so, from what age?  Or is there childcare available for parents who want to play?  And most importantly, where will it be?


Thanks in advance!

Hi Womble,

The Family Pick up is at Winona North. This is a regular pick up type event (ie. just show up and play), so there isn't any child care for families. However, the idea is that there will be multiple families there with children, so hopefully you can all take turns playing and watching the kids.  As for the children participating, I think it would be up to the people playing.  Normally we don't allow those under 17 to play with adults for various reasons - safety being the largest one, as some people have a difficult time adjusting their game for smaller participants and many who join the VUL wouldn't want to have to do this.  That being said, you are all families on Sunday, so therefore you all might have no problem slighty adjusting the way you play to allow for younger participants to play safely - as long as it is done safely.


Thanks. That all sounds good. Hope it proves successful.  Could someone add at least the venue - and time! - to the pickup page?  Ideally also link to your forum answer for more details?

And could I suggest that next time, given the chance, you reserve a field with a decent playground close by?  Oak, Balaclava, Memorial, Kingcrest, even Trafalgar would fit the bill, but Winona - even the field within sight of the minimalist playground - doesn't have much in the way of distraction for kids.



just wondering how the family pick up went on Sunday?


It was small, but fun.  There were four families, with a total of 8 adults and 8 kids aged c6-11 (and a non-playing 2 year old).  We played mixed ages and genders on a very small field with the rule that if a receiving child even touched the disc then it counted as a catch.  All the kids seemed to enjoy it, and the adults had a laugh too; we looked forward to meeting up again to nurture our kids' fledgling love of the game before they have their heads turned by lesser sports.  I have a short video, some action photos, as well as a group picture.  Would the VUL put them up somewhere?


yes, we probably could!  Would you be able to email them to me?