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I'm Maria, and I am looking for playing opportunities here in Vancouver. I will be here until the end of July/early August. I can (try to) play both handler and cutter positions, and I have a couple of years of experience playing for teams in the Philippines and Illinois.

I am available to play any day. My number is 217-417-9212. Thanks.


 I recommend checking out the Vancouver Women's Ultimate Facebook group. It is much more active. I am sure there are teams looking for a full time player or you can sub when convenient.

Hi Maria!!

We'd love to have you join our Monday team! Please email me. Shawna.vz@gmail.com

Hi Maria,

I captain a really fun Wednesday team called Stacked, and we have room for a full time woman!

We're in div 2 (not as high as it sounds, there are only 5 divs on Wednesdays).

If that interests you, let me know!


Hi Maria,


 If you are interested in playing Tuesday nights Div 1, hit me up!