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I'm a female looking for a recreational/not-supper competitive ultimate team that plays close to downtown or on the North Shore in the New Year (winter/spring 2018). I am open to any format turf/feild/5-5/7-7 etc. and I am available all nights except Sunday. I have played ultimate for 8+ years but am relatively new to the ultimate scene in Vancouver. Please let me know if you or someone you know is forming a team for January and is in need of a player!

All the best and thanks. Kate


Hello Kate,

Did you find a team to play on yet? I am also looking for a team, but if we have enough people looking, we could form our own team instead.


Hi Kate,
Have you ever played indoor ulti? It’s 5-5, sub on the fly, and the fun spin on this game is that it’s inside a gym with 4 walls. It’s fast, furious fun! We are playing this Sunday at 41st and Fraser. 3pm. Let me know if you want to try it.