Female/Male needed for Fall Grass Sunday AM

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Our Fall Grass team will be playing mid to high level Sunday AM. We are looking for one guy and one girl to add to the roster. Want to play with us? We're a bit older, fun, patient and usually go for brunch. Inquire within!


Hi! I'm interested and have some questions. Could we connect by e-mail? grace.wongty@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hey there,

I'm interested too if you're still looking for another girl. Lemme know! Thanks! armstrong.heather@gmail.com

Hello. I'd like to join also. I've been playing pickup on and off since 2009 and played in league for 1 season.

I would be interested, if your still looking for guy. nicolaas.rupprecht@gmail.com

If you still need a guy, I'd definitely be interested. e-mail is ianmcdonaldo@gmail.com

I am interested in playing mid-high level on Sunday AM! Message me if you are still looking! My contact information is:
Phone: 778 316 5948
email: jimmyhuang0904@hotmail.com

I would love to join you guys! I'm 23 yo, 6'7'', quite fast and good handling skills, just saying ;) please contact me @ munkejonathan@gmail.com