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I was on defense. the disc was thrown and was knocked down. i moved into an offensive position and got ready to cut. then a player on the other team picked up the disc and became the handler. i had no idea what was going on. since i was now out of poition to play defense i was unable to defend my check and the other team scored a point.

as it turns out when the disc got knocked down a player on the other team called a foul on the mark (my teammate) and the disc was returned to the handler. So rather than us going on offense the other team stayed on offense.

unfortunately i never heard the call and thus i was out of position. i was rather miffed.

is it too late to call a foul after the point has been made or is there another solution to this situation?


The mechanism to prevent this from happenning is the check. After a call (such as this foul call) play does not resume without a check, during which it is the defense that calls the disc live. Until that input from the defense is given, the team regaining/maintaining/gaining posession (ie: the offense) cannot make a legal pass. If they attempt to make one, (even if it is incomplete) it goes back to the thrower.

In your case, one of two things happenned:

either your teammate cheated his/her own team by checking the disc in before making sure that your team was ready (there's no requirement to do it immediately besides the requirement not to delay the game unnecessarily), in which case you have no recourse, or

The other team restarted play before a check, which means that the disc was not live and the point didn't count - call "violation" or otherwise stop play and point this out.

Most importantly, nobody should ever check the disc in unless they know that their team is ready to play defense.

thank you. i guess my teammates still have some learning to do :)

... and you some teaching :)