found at oct 16 pickup

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i found a beige and white trucker hat and picked up 4 cones.

you're a cone.

... speaking of cones... one of those isn't mO's by chance, is it?


mO By mO

thanks for looking out mort. ya, chari, did u pick up one of my cones?

is it the one with the slanty eyes?

I lost four new cones at pickup on Monday night (having only realized it today at my games - since no one asked to use my cones on Monday night but just took them out of my bag- grrrr...)

They're the tall squishy cones. My email address should be written on them - - on the insides of the cones. I miss them. Please get them back to me safely! :)


ps: they're not mO's cones!

Yay Chari! Thanks for babysitting my cones! :)