Games on Canada Day

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We occasionally get asked why we schedule games on holidays in the summer.
Games are scheduled Victoria Day and Canada Day for a few reasons:
- First and foremost, the large majority of VUL members would rather have the opportunity to play.
- Victoria Day falls on a Monday, and even if some players go away that weekend, most teams still have enough players in town for games on Monday night.
- That's similar for Canada Day when it falls on a Monday, and even when it falls on a Tues, Wed, or Thurs.
- If we did not schedule games on those days, those teams would miss a week of play, so their season would be shorter than all other nights. An alternative is to delay their games for one week, but that disrupts the entire league schedule for the rest of the summer (it causes problems if semester dates don't line up for each night). 

The main reason is most people want to play.

We used to schedule games on BC Day in August. But when we polled Monday teams about 6 years ago, we found that most preferred to skip BC Day and finish one week later. So we no longer schedule games on that day, and Monday teams finish one week later than everyone else. This works in August because it's at the end of the season.
NOTE: This doesn't mean teams have to play. If your team can't field enough players on a holiday, you can contact the other captain in advance to let them know, and either Cancel or Forfeit the game. We encourage you to try to field a team, of course, but there is no penalty if you cannot.