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I've always thought that, if the O team puts 4 ladies on, the D team has to match them (assuming they can).  But I can't find it anywhere in the 11th Ed rules or VUL exceptions.  Can anyone point me to this rule?

Other places that have this rule:




As I understand it, gender matching is not a rule in the rulebook that the VUL follows, and it's also not in the exceptions.

That said, it can always be captain claused into the game if agreed upon before hand.

But, as it stands right now in the VUL, a team can never be forced to play 4 of any particular gender (if a team wants to run 4 ladies the entire game, they are allowed to do so, same if they want to run 4 guys).

KE is correct. There is no gender matching rule in the USAU 11th edition or in the VUL rules.

A team can play 4 of either gender, but the other team doesn't need to match.