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Jet By Jet

Hi there,

I'm a female looking to join either a Tuesday or Thursday team to
meet people, have fun and get a good workout. I've played once in
the past so I guess I'm more of a newbie, however I am athletic and
generally pick up any game pretty quickly. Message me if you have
any spots available. thanks!


A By A

Hi Jen.

Our team plays Thursday nights and we could use another female ( maybe 2) to join our team.

a little bit about us

the majority of the team has about 1 year of playing experience but we have requested a mentor.

we are more concerned with improving and having fun over winning.

Our age range is 20 - 30 (if that matters to you)

since a team costs $1200, the associated cost for joining our team would be the team cost divided by the number of players we have on our team (and cleats if you don't have them).

feel free to email me if interested, using the link below.


hi jen,

our team - love handlers- is looking for a girl for Tuesday night... we're a fun bunch of players of mixed experience and enjoy both the athletic and social side of summer league. Drop me an email at if you're interested!



hey Jen,

Our Team - Soup du Jour!! - Div 5 team is looking for one more lady. We have five, but would love six!

We're a pretty fun group (that's what they all say but its true!) of mid-20 year olds (and a few 30 year olds thrown in there). We like running hard and playing as well as we can, but we're also pretty easy going and goof off quite a bit too. Most folks have been playing around 1-2 years, we're a fairly new team.

Let me know if you're interested - we're practising/tossing the disc around on Tuesday nights at Robson Park (St George and East 13th) for the next few weeks. You can email me at


Jet By Jet

Hi Sian,

I sent you an email expressing interest in joining your team, however I haven't heard back...did you receive it?

Let me know if you still need a female for Tuesday nights. Thanks!


Hi Jen,

Not sure if you found a Tues. night team but if you are still looking let me know as we are looking to add another girl to our roster.