The Great Vancouver 5 on 5 - Aug 27-28

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You may have heard from your friends, or experienced yourself, the fun of Whistler 5 on 5. The tourney sold out in 3 weeks this year…. Based on that success, we started another fun 5’s tourney last year, The Great Vancouver 5 on 5 (which had 16 teams in Year 1!)

Expect “same same, but different” in comparison to Whistler. Same amount of fun and seamless organization, but a totally different experience of awesomeness.

2016 Info - Fun, Games, Slip  'N Slide & More!

The Great Vancouver 5 on 5 happens in peak summer - Aug 27-28, on real grass, in Richmond, BC.

The overall theme of the tourney is FUN & GAMES. We’ll integrate fun and games throughout the weekend from giant jenga and spikeball, to puzzles and slip ‘n slide!

You’ll play 6-7 games and be treated to an awesome variety of field food, including lunch on both days!

Registration is now open!

Early Registration goes until July 1 ($5 cheaper) while Regular Registration ends August 7. There's also a Facebook page set up for the event, so be sure to like the page for more updates.