Like the Grinch who stole XMAS VUL cancels winter hat league

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VUL has cancelled winter hat league, only play available is turf.
Rather than try and promote something VUL
has decided to end winter hat league; like the Grinch who stole XMAS!

Hi Joe,

Sorry to hear that you are disappointed in the cancellation of the Winter Grass league. Over the past 5 years, the winter grass league as decreased in size from 12 teams to 4, despite our attempts over the past couple of years to bolster it. So we decided to try something new to create a renewed interest in participating in a grass league on the weekends - Goalty! It is still on grass and it's still a hat league. We are even lucky enough to have a high level Goalty player instruct new comers and be there to run the games. We are excited to be trying something new and I hope you try it out! Goalty is really fun!

There is more information on it in the winter leagues article here if you are interested.

Hi League...

What are the plans for the upcoming winter hat?

Any chance that we will return to field ulty for winter hat?

Consider this my lame lobbying attempt.


Hi Old Dog,

Plans for Saturdays in Winter 2019 are TBD right now. At the latest, we'll finalize them in November, although discussions do start earlier. Some possibilities include returning to 7-on-7, continuing with Goalty, or trying 5-on-5 format, although there may be other options that I'm forgetting right now. 


Consider this my vote for goalty!

(Also: goalty in the Fall?)