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Hello VUL Players,

I am Alan, your new Rules Coordinator. I've played in the VUL since 2010, so some of you may already know me. For those that don't, I'm from New Zealand and have played recreational and competitive ultimate for 13 years. I've played Worlds on the NZ Open team, Canadian Nationals for Blackfish and Muriqui, and MLU for the Vancouver NightHawks. This winter league I'll be playing on Little Lebowski's Urban Achievers, so feel free to say hello if you see me on the field.

As Rules Coordinator I'll be checking the Rules Forum and answering your questions and resolving any disputes. I'll also send out regular emails to the Rules Guru on each team, informing them of some of the more commonly exercised rules. For an example, here is a rules reminder about ground taps.

There are two reasons a player should tap the disc on the ground before resuming play:

1. Whenever there is a stoppage of play (for a foul, violation, pick or injury) and the restart takes place where there is no defensive player close enough to tap the disc in. The offensive player should count down from 3 and say "disc in" or "start play" loudly while tapping the disc to the ground next to their pivot foot.

2. Whenever an offensive player moves to re-establish their pivot foot, such as, if the player catches the disc, lands inbounds and then leaves the playing field proper. The player must establish a pivot foot inside the playing field proper at the point they crossed the line, and tap the disc to the ground before attempting a throw. This also happens when walking the disc up to the line, returning the disc to play at the sideline and starting from the brick mark after an out of bounds pull.

If there is a particular rule that you are frequently concerned about, let me know and I'll send a rules update on the subject.

Be sure to know who the Rules Guru is on your team. They should be able to answer many of your questions or relay them to me. If your captain hasn't selected a Rules Guru, they can do so on the team's roster page on the VUL website (there is a drop-down menu below the roster to select the Guru).

For the start of the League, I'd like to leave you with this excerpt from the rules under Ten Things You Should Know About Spirit of the Game (SOTG) (page 19).

After a hard foul, close call, or disputed play, take a step back, pause, and take a deep breath. In the heat of competition, emotions run high. By giving yourself just a bit of time and space, you will gain enough perspective to compose yourself and concentrate on the facts involved in the dispute (was she in or out; did you hit his hand or the disc; did that pick affect the play). Your restraint will induce a more restrained response from your opponent. Conflagration averted, you may resume business as usual."

Let's keep the VUL friendly and respectful!

Alan Macfarlane
VUL Rules Coordinator

Rules Coordinator - has the VUL sunk to the point that we need a rules coordinator

Hi Joe,

The position has existed for a few years. I believe the VUL has been growing in size year to year. This means a greater diversity of skill levels and a greater diversity of what players want to get out of their Ultimate experience. I hope that standards haven't 'sunk', but there is certainly more need than ever to have clarification of the rules. I'm just here to help.


Rules Coordinator - the VUL has grown to the point that we have a rules coordinator!

Fixed that for you.

my only question is: Is your name spelled with 2 a's or 3???

Shouldn't you know that....Mom?