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just wondering, if my cane I use for mobility reasons would be called as an illegal object on the field. I wouldn't use it to hit any discs down, just to keep me upright.

Perfectly ok. Ignore any chicken littlers that may seep over from the laughable iPod thread with
safety concerns.

The only applicable rule describing the equipment you're allowed to use:

IV.E) Players may not use clothing or equipment to unfairly inhibit or assist the movement of
the disc or another player.

So you're right. As long as you don't use it to knock the disc down or purposefully hinder another
player, you're good to go.

would a cane count as a pivot point? or a point of contact? if your feet are IN but your cane isn't, would that count as straddling the line and you're actually OUT?

Good question. I don't believe I've seen any precedents in ultimate, but perhaps Mark can speak definitively on that subject.

In the interim, the captains may always discuss their preferred rulings just before the game. Personally, and only in general, I'd be inclined to consider it as not being part of the body. As such,
a) neither an instantaneous nor sustained point of contact,
b) not a valid pivot
c) contact with either a disc or person is subject to a violation (in accordance with equipment rules)

However, if the cane in question is sufficiently weight-bearing to the user, I might also be inclined to protect it from excessive contact with foul calls (as if it were a leg, so to speak).

Frisbee is dead. Long live frisbee.

My suggestion would be to consider a cane the same as any body part. If a cleat is considered an extension of the foot, which I think is implicit because it's considered the body part in contact with the ground when the cleat/foot is the pivot... then I don't see a cane as an extension of the hand/arm as any different than that. It's simply another contact point that should be treated the same as any other.