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We wanted to officially introduce ourselves to the Vancouver Ultimate League

Introducing the Layout Ultimate Gloves.

Layout Ultimate is a brand new Ultimate Frisbee Apparel Company launching its first product, the Layout Ultimate Glove!
The Layout Glove was designed to provide a level of grip not yet seen in Ultimate. Our custom grip allows for increased rotation of the disc, which enhances accuracy, speed, and distance.

Some highlights about the glove:
-All-weather grip offers balanced control for handling or catching: Rain, shine, snow or sleet
-Flick-grip technology (grip on inside of middle finger) will give you complete control over your flicks, providing superior spin for increased distance and sharpened accuracy
-Light-weight material with breathable back keeps your hands cool
-Towelled thumb to wipe sweat
-Synthetic leather palm for durability and to soften sting of bullet-passes
-Retains grip over constant use
-Durable rip resistant synthetic leather palm
-Developed with some great players from the AUDL
-Glove sizing that fits men, women and youth

Our passion for Ultimate is the major driver behind this product. My love for playing ultimate has been hindered by my injuries (torn ACL, another torn ACL awaiting repair) but I have been lucky enough to be running Layout Ultimate to stay involved in this great community.

Use the discount code "Vancouver" to get FREE SHIPPING (Canada only, limited time), or use 'Friend5' to save 5.

The Layout Ultimate Gloves will provide the ultimate grip for your game!

Thanks for looking, let us know if there are any questions.


Tried it all weekend. The Vancouver discount code doesn't work. 

Thanks Juicy! Sorry we didn't update this early. All fixed, also sent you a PM with a special code.