Just moved in Vancouver w/ 4 years experience now looking for a team to regularly play & train

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Ann By Ann


I have just arrived here in Vancouver and now looking for a team that I can regularly play and train. I have been playing in a mixed team back in Dubai for 4 years and now considering to join women's team here in Vancouver (but still open to a mixed).

Thanks a lot!

Hi Ann,

My rec team is always looking for more female matching players. We have a team for winter league and would be happy to have you.

If you're interested, let me know.



Ann By Ann

Hi Sasha,

Apologies, I have just read this now and thanks a lot for getting back to me!

Could you please let me know which day do you play?

Thank you,

Ann Marie

Hi Ann Marie,

We play Thursday evenings at 8:15pm. Are you interested in joining?



For women's club teams check out Koi, Shhippos (sneaky house hippos) and traffic. Club tryouts are usually April I think. For mixed there are maybe 4 or 5 teams I can think of, with tryouts around the same time.





Ann By Ann

Thanks a lot for the info, Cameron!

Hi Ann! Welcome to Vancouver. A bunch of Koi (women's club team) plays together on Mondays so we get more practice together before the season. Games are 8-10pm at various fields around Vancouver. Would you be interested in coming to check it out? See https://www.vul.ca/team/1695/league/426 and email me if you're interested (there's an "email leader" button on the team page).