Length of Single Headers

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How many points are single headers played for? I remember playing till 17 last year, but this year everyone seems unsure.

It depends on the time of your game.

- If you are scheduled to start at 6:00, that means there are more teams showing up at 7:30, so your game is to 13. And if you start at 7:30 -- your game is to 13.
- If you start at 6:30, that means you have that field to yourself, so you can play to 17 (or whatever score captains agree on, as long as you finish by 9:00pm).
- If you start at 7:00pm at a turf field, you'll need to check if there is anyone scheduled to play after you at that field. We normally schedule single-header nights on grass, so this shouldn't happen much.

The VUL Rules have been updated to reflect this (C.1.5)

Makes sense, thank you!