Looking for 2 females and 1 male for Monday night Div 5

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Send me a message in your are interested in joining.  We are a super fun team of supportive and seasoned veterans of the sport.

Hey do you still have room for one more guy? I moved to Vancouver 10 months ago and am looking to get on a summer team. I played about 6 seasons back in Saskatchewan, am athletic and like to compete. 
Dan Pearson

Hi Slingshot:  I am looking for a summer team; I am along term player or veteran as you put it; very spirited and versatile I am tall and a good handler. I am also not fast enough at times to cover the 25 yr old going long; usually I can cover them but not always. I love to lay out.  I have a female player who is looking for a team too.   I can ask her,she is tall and experienced.  Anyway I would love to play. Mondays are fine.  Rockin Joe