Looking for 2 guys to join a Tuesday team

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We're looking to add 2 guys to the team. Looking for 8-10 skill level guys if we can as we are hoping to play in div 2-4 which we have been playing. If you got handles, speed, mad hops and sticky hands you may be what we are looking for!

Hi Guiltimate: I have tonnes of experience and can do all the above yet might be a tad slow for Div 2, Div 4 no problem. I am tall can handle well and know the game. Joe


Hi Gultimate,
I can play in div 2-4. I can handle and can play the mid and long as well. I've got the speed probably could finish a hundred meter sprint between 11-12 seconds and the timing for cuts that I am known for. I'm new here in Vancouver but I've got 10 years of International experience playing ultimate Frisbee. I am working on my stamina and will probably have the air once the summer league starts.

Looking for 2 guys still for Tuesday :)


Hi Gultimate,
I am available Tuesday. Can I join your team?

Jbk: emailed you

Looking for 1 more guy.

Jib By Jib

Hello Gultimate

I m totally interested can do all the above and more if u r still interested give me a shout

Still looking :)

Search is complete......for now.........