Looking for a couple of females for Monday night team

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Les By Les

Random Fling is looking to round out our roster with at least 2 more females. We play Monday night single header so we start a little later (6:30) and end a little earlier, which leaves time for after game festivities! Our team emphasizes having a good time while playing with some experienced players. No experience necessary, we welcome players of all experience levels!

Lester might be understating the spiritedness of this team. I'd defer to the VUL for the final tally, but the team has won dozens of spirit awards (semester, overall summer) over the years and most recently last summer.

I moved across the country otherwise I'd be chasing the disc around in perpetuity with this fantastic crew of people.

Whether you're vet or beginner, this is a spectacular group to play with.

Ask them about the Green Monster. Seriously. It's a legend!

Hi Lester,

My name is Sarah. I played on a summer ultimate league for two years in Madison, Wisconsin before moving out here to Vancouver last year. I'm looking to join a team to make some friends and play some ultimate, therefore I'm scoping out teams that are looking for extra girls. Still looking? I'm reaching out to a few teams to see what turns up, as I understand some may have already found the player that they're looking for.

Skill-wise, I know the basic strategies of the game and have done practice drills for various types of game play, field movement, and throws. I'm no airbender, but I have solid distance and accuracy on my backhand and flick; hammer is there some of the time, too. I stay in shape through dance, rock climbing, jogging, and lifting weights. I want to join a group that's interested in practicing outside of games and open to doing other fun social stuff in addition to frisbee.

Let me know if it sounds like a fit!