Looking for Female-Matching (or one of each matching) - Monday Night Summer Grass League

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Hi there!

   Our team is looking for one more female-matching player for our Monday Night Grass league Team (or one female-matching and one male-matching pair). We are:

- a long running (10+ years in the VUL) team, with a consistently high spirit score

- all in our late-20's and 30's, working professional types, who are kinda silly at times, play ultimate for fun, and value "spirit of the game" over winning

- typically bounce between Div 3 and Div 4 depending on the year

We are happy to help build-up new players, but because we play in the upper middle-div's, the best fit would probably be someone who has a sports / athletic background, or has played intermediate level ultimate before.

Happy to answer any questions or explain more!