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Hi all!

I am Ken! Will be visiting Vancouver from Denmark between 22/9-9/10 2021. I am super excited to enjoy the vibes in the city and get into some action with Frisbee!

No matter it is pick up or sub for team practices or just causal throwing, I am in!

Thanks a lot in advance! 


Which part of Vancouver is most convenient to you and are you down for casual throwing? I used to play in a university club way back, but I took a break due to an injury. I’m studying ultimate frisbee at the moment as a side project to see how good I can get in a year.


- Jay

I honestly have no idea where are all the frisbee actions is happening in Vancouver. I am down to go anyway just to throw or play as a substitute. 

I will be arriving in 3 days, let me know! I am up for everything. 

If you are free on Thursday and you want to play a pickup game, there’s one at Trout Lake at 5 pm pacific standard time. Some random guy is hosting it.


If not, they’ll probably have another one next week.

Just something I saw via random googling.

If you need a partner for 1 to 1 throwing, I’m your guy. I’m usually free after 5-6 and free on weekends.